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学习外研版英语课本的同学终于盼到啦!今天,老师为大家分享的是外研版九年级下册Module1--Module4重点短语和句型的归纳总结,明天给大家分享Module5--Module8的,希望对你们的英语学习和考试有资助。新学期,新气象,好勤学吧,少年!Module1 TravelUnit1 We toured the city by bus and by taxi.1. welcome back 接待回来 2. not bad 还不错 3. be full of 充满 =be filled with 4. over = more than 凌驾、多于 5. because of + 名词/代词/动名词 because+句子 6. fly back to +地名 飞回某地 7. a bit late 有点晚 a bit of + 不行数名词 8. fly direct to Hong Kong 直飞香港 9. succeed in doing sth. 乐成做某事 10. take a boat to sp. = go to sp. by boat 坐船去某地 11. have quite a good time 玩得很兴奋 quite a / an + adj. + n. = a very adj. + n. quite a nice boy = a very nice boy 12. tour the city v. = take a tour to the city n. 环都会旅行13. go for a walk 去散步 14. had better do sth. 最好做某事 15. at the end of the term 在学期末 16. nothing to worry about 没什么可担忧的 17. as long as 只要; 和…一样长 18. the school-leavers’ party 结业生晚会 19. look forward to+ sth. / doing sth. 盼愿(做)某事 Unit2 It’s a long story.1. say goodbye to sb. 向某人离别 say hello to sb. 向某人问候 2. take care 多保重 care for 喜欢 care about 体贴 take care = be careful 小心、注意 take care of sb. / sth. 照顾某人 / 保管某物 3. get on 上(车) get off 下(车)4. be afraid +that从句: 恐怕 be afraid of +名词/代词/动名词: 畏惧/担忧 be afraid to do sth. 畏惧做某事 5. take one’s seat 就坐;坐某人的座位 6. have /get sth. ready: 把某物准备好 Please have your tickets ready. 请把票准备好。

7. have a look at sth. = take a look at sth. = look at sth. 看一看某物 8. I see the problem. 我发现问题了。I see. 我明确了。

9. How stupid of me.!我真笨!= How stupid I am! How + adj. + of sb. to do sth. 某人因做了某事而显得怎样 How careless of you to make this mistake. 你犯了这个错误,真是不小心! 10. wait a moment 等一会儿 for a moment 一会儿 at that moment 在那时a moment ago 适才 at any moment 任何时候 a moment later 片刻之后11. go past 经由 12. sb. be surprised to do sth. 某人惊讶做某事 sb. be surprised at sth. 某人对…感应惊讶 to one’s surprise 令人惊讶的是 in surprise 惊讶地, 是副词性短语,修饰动词 13. take off 脱下 (反义词 ) → put on 穿上 take off 起飞 14. make sb. / oneself + adj.(形容词) 使某人/某人自己怎样 The news made her happy. 这个消息使她很开心。make sb./oneself +动词已往分词 (heard /understood) 使某人/ 某人自己被(听见/ 明白) The teacher made himself understood in class. 老师在课堂上让自己被明白。


15. It’s a long story. 说来话长。(口语)16. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb. 向某人提供某物 provide sb. with sth. = provide sth. for sb. 提供某物给某人 17. That’s very good of you. 你真好。It’s / That’s + 形容词 + of sb. to do sth. 表现人的性格或品质,这类形容词有: kind, good, nice, clever, polite, careless等。It’s kind of you to help me with the work.若形容词仅仅是形貌事物, 不是对不定式行为者的品格举行评价时,用for sb.,这 类形容词有:difficult, easy, hard, important, dangerous等。

It’s difficult for us to finish the work.Module2 EducationUnit1 They don’t sit in rows.1. What is…like? …是什么样的?/…怎么样? What are English school like? 英国学校什么样? What’s the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样?2. a bit /a little/much/even + 形容词或副词的比力级 a little earlier 有点早 much better 好许多3. wear a jacket and tie 穿夹克衫系领带 4. sit in rows 坐成排 5. sports ground 运动场 6. enjoy/like doing sth. 喜欢做某事 7. one day 某一天(已往/未来) 8. play with 和...…玩 9. mean doing sth. 意味着做某事 mean to do sth. 计划/意图做某事Unit2 What do I like best about school?1. How do you like …?= What do you think of …?你以为...…怎么样? 2. far (away) from sp. 离某地多远 3. primary school 小学 4. secondary school 中学 5. be present at 出席 be absent from 缺席 6. last (for) + 一段时间 连续…... 7. have a break = have/take a rest 休息一下 8. two more lessons = another two lessons 另有两节课 9. instead of + sth./doing sth. 取代,而不是 10. in the country = in the countryside 在农村,在乡下11. parents’meeting 家长会 12. once a term 一学期一次 13. above all 首先,最重要的是 14. do well in 在……方面做得好 15. ask for one’s advice 征求某人的建议 take/follow one’s advice 接受/听从某人的建议 16. to one’s surprise 令某人惊讶的是 17. teach oneself sth. = learn sth. by oneself自学Module3 Life now and thenUnit1 They sometimes work harder.1. nearly = almost 险些;差不多 2. know…about 相识关于…的情况 3. There is less fear of 很少畏惧...... 4. get ill 生病 5. take/do exercise=play sports 做磨炼 6. used to do sth. 已往经常做某事 There used to be 曾经有...... 7. suppose that 从句 料想;认为 suppose sb. to be 认为某人是 be supposed to do sth. =should do sth. 应该做某事 You are not supposed to play basketball here. 你不应在这里打篮球。8. That’s because… 那是因为...… That’s why … 那就是...…的原因 9. the number of +可数名词复数 ...…的数量(数目、人数),其作主语时,谓语动词用单数。a number of +可数名词复数 许多的,其作主语时,谓语动词用复数。

10. in one’s free time = in one’s spare time = when sb. be free 在某人的业余时间 11. speak up 大点声说 12. the deaf 失聪的人 the blind 瞽者Unit2 I think life is better today.1. all one’s life 终生,一辈子 2. all day (long) 整天 3. all the year round 整年4. in the winter cold or in the summer heat 无论是严寒的冬天还是火热的夏天5. a loving mother 一位慈祥的妈妈 6. go out to work 出去事情 7. a full-time job 一份全职事情 a part-time job 一份兼职事情 8. afford to do sth. 有足够的钱做某事 afford to buy sth. 买得起某物 9. what’s more 而且;更重要的是 10. play a role/part in (doing) sth. 在(干)某事上起作用 11. have a good education 接受良好的教育 12. be/get married to sb. 与某人完婚 13. be happy/glad to do sth. 兴奋/乐意做某事 14. though 可是,不外;然而 (位于句末)15. be busy doing sth. = be busy with sb. 忙于(做)某事16. generally speaking = in general 一般而言 17. satisfying adj. 令人满足的 be satisfied with … 对…满足 satisfy v. 使……满足Module4 Rules and suggestionsUnit1 You must be careful of falling stones.1. pay attention to sth. /doing sth. 注意(做)某事 2. for a moment 一会儿 3. set off/out= start off/out 出发,动身 set off for sp. 动身去某地 4. suggest doing sth. 建议做某事 suggest that sb. (should) do sth. 建议某人应该做某事make a suggestion 提建议 5. whenever = no matter when 无论什么时候 6. close to = next to = near 靠近 7. hurt oneself 伤着某人自己 8. keep together 聚在一起,不疏散9. be/get lost 迷路 10. go off = leave 脱离;熄灭;变质 11. on one’s own = by oneself = alone 独自地 12. start to do / doing sth. 开始做某事 13. to start/begin with 起初,开始的时候14. be careful of/with sth. 小心某物 be careful of doing sth. 小心做某事 be careful to do sth. 做某事小心 15. come on 过来;赶忙;加油 16. begin/start with 以……开始 17. get + adj. 变得(强调变化) get yellow Unit2 We must keep the camp clean.1. watch out = look out = be careful 小心,当心 watch out for sb. /sth. 当心某人/某物2. the three of us 我们三小我私家(总共三人) three of us 我们中的三个(我们不止三人)3. fall asleep 入睡 4. in the middle of the night = at midnight 在午夜 5. noise n.噪音 noisy adj.喧华的 noisily adv.喧华地 make a noise 制造噪音6. look out of … 从...…往外看 Don’t look out of the window in class. 上课时不要看窗外。7. open adj. 开着的;营业的 closed adj.关闭着的 open v.打开;开业 close v.关闭8. in a tree (外来的物)在树上 on a tree (树自己长的的工具)在树上9. put up 制作;搭起;举起 10. from a long way away 从很远的地方 11. tidy up 收拾;整理;使整洁 12. reach out 伸出(手或臂) reach out for sth. 伸手去够某物 reach sp. 到达某地 13. look up 抬头;向上看;查找,查阅14. a piece of wood 一块木头 in the woods 在树林 15. every time = each time 每次;每当(引导时间状语从句)16. My blood went cold. 我全身发冷。go bad变坏/变质 go blind 失明17. except 介词 除……之外,常与all, every, anything, anyone, no 等词连用。

18. be made of 由……制成的 The table is made of wood. 这张桌子是用木头做成的。19. wake up to …= realize 意识到 We must wake up to the importance of English.20. To save water is to save lives. 节约水就是挽救生命。To see is to believe. 眼见为实。13. pass on… to…= pass…on to… 把……通报给…… Please pass on the letter to him. 请把这封信递给他。

14. in order to do sth. 为了做某事 15. so that + 句子 以便;为了 16. at the same time 同时 17. be known as 作为……而着名 She is known as a writer. 她作为一名作家而着名。18. be responsible for sb. /sth. 对某人/某事卖力 I’m responsible for my child. 我对我的孩子卖力。



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